OpenMQTTGateway and 868 MHz devices (e.g. Weatherstation?)


I like the fact that I don’t have to use a full blown raspberry pi with a rtl Dongle so I grabbed my old lilygo
lora Board

and flashed it with the rtl_433 Port whicht works in 433 MHz out of the box.

If I get another Lora Lilygo which supports 868 MHz instead, would it also work on that frequency or is it untestet or not implemented yet?

Thanks a lot for clearifying!


I only have sensor devices that operate at 433Mhz, so other frequencies are not tested. Technically the code will work at other frequencies, you just need to change the frequency. Do you sensor devices on that frequency ?

Currently I have a Bresser 5-in-1 Weatherstation which I monitor by an RTL-SDR DVB device and a low power Intel ATOM PC - I’d really like to migrate that to a way lower Power ESPxx Board if possible.

So with other Words, I have to look in the source code, buy an Lilygo 868 MHz Board an get tinkering :slight_smile: