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Qingping cleargrass CGD1 alarm clock with temperature and humidity measurements

Here is an interesting new BLE device from cleargrass; an alarm clock with temperature and humidity measurement with the following characteristics:

Brand ClearGrass (XIAOMI Cooperation Brand)
Model CGD1
Material Plastic
Color Blue / Green White
Weight 106g
Size 80.3 x 41 x 83mm
Screen Size 61 x 61mm
Temperature Range -9.9℃~49.9℃
Humidity Range 0~99.9%
Battery 2 x AA Batteries(Not Include)
Alarm 16 Set
Date Display Day / Month / Year
Date Language Display English or Chinese (Optional)
Temperature Display Support
Humidity Display Support
Bluetooth 5.0
APP Control Mijia APP (Support temperature and humidity linkage with other devices)
Customize Alarm Repeat Mode Support
Snooze Function Support
Backlight Duration Adjustment Off-On For 30 Seconds
Backlight Brightness Adjustment Support
Alarm Volume Adjustment Support
Alarm Replacement Support

It is compatible with the Mi Home app.

You can put it in pairing mode by pressing several seconds the bottom button.
You can search for the device into the app and connect to it.

The app enable to access to firmware upgrade, currently the latest is 1.0.1_0063

You can program the alarm function with the Mi Home app, add severals, change the snooze, choose the intensity and duration of the backlight.

I’m able to read temperature & humidity with OMG like a normal cleargrass device:

This is integrated from this PR:

Here is some pictures: