RF + IR gateway not possible anymore in ESP32?


I am using two IR+RF gateway’s with OMG version 0.9.16 for almost 2 years now and decided to upgrade one to OMG 1.6.0 or 1.7.0 but do not get it working anymore.
I have tried >10 times with erasing and flashing ESP Easy (to check if the EPS32 still worked) but was not able to flash OMG anymore.

Hardware: ESP32 WROOM 32 + CC1101 module and IR receiver/transmitter.
1 PROBLEM reported in User_config.h about line 197:
const char* certificate PROGMEM = R"EOF("
expected a ‘;’ C/C++(65) [Ln 197, Col25]

platform = ${com.esp32_platform}
board = esp32dev
board_build.partitions = min_spiffs.csv
lib_deps =
build_flags =
board_build.flash_mode = dio
upload_speed = 115200

#define Pilight_rawEnabled true

#define ZgatewayRF “RF”
#define ZgatewayIR “IR”
#define ZgatewayPilight “Pilight”
#define ZgatewayRF2 “RF2”
#define ZmqttDiscovery “HADiscovery”
#define ZradioCC1101 “CC1101”

default_envs = esp32dev-IRF

The terminal monitor shows:
Core 0 register dump:
PC : 0x40130788 PS : 0x00060930 A0 : 0x8013712c A1 : 0x3ffe3ae0
A2 : 0x3f41d360 A3 : 0x3f425568 A4 : 0x0000000c A5 : 0x00060f23
A6 : 0x00060f20 A7 : 0x00000001 A8 : 0x80130788 A9 : 0x3ffe3ac0
A10 : 0x3ffbaf88 A11 : 0xfffc1fff A12 : 0x00060f20 A13 : 0x00060f23
A14 : 0x007bedb0 A15 : 0x003fffff SAR : 0x00000018 EXCCAUSE: 0x00000003
EXCVADDR: 0x3f41d360 LBEG : 0x4008ac3d LEND : 0x4008ac4d LCOUNT : 0xfffffffe

Backtrace: 0x40130785:0x3ffe3ae0 0x40137129:0x3ffe3b00 0x40130738:0x3ffe3b20 0x4012ec02:0x3ffe3b40 0x4012efcd:0x3ffe3b60 0x400e632a:0x3ffe3b80 0x4015dfaf:0x3ffe3c10 0x400833d6:0x3ffe3c40 0x40079266:0x3ffe3c90 |<-CORRUPTED

Anyone with a clue how to fix this, please help me. I use my OMG 0.9.16 on a daily basis and would like to upgrade and use the RAW RF reception. That is because I have a Smartwares SH4-99580AT remote which I would like to use with OMG and version 0.9.16 does not recognize a stable RTL_433 signal from each button.

Edit 17-12-'23: I noticed that also main.ino gives these 3 problem warnings although I did not change this file:
identifier “setupCommonRF” is undefined C/CC++(20) [Ln 1196, Col 3]
identifier “stateRFMeasures” is undefined C/CC++(20) [Ln 2099, Col 9]
identifier “MQTTtoRFset” is undefined C/CC++(20) [Ln 2565, Col 5]