SRX882 wiring on the Wemos D1 mini

Hello to all,
I’ve decided to join this RF iot mania and well, get some knowledge while I’m at it :slight_smile:

I followed the RF guide for ESP8266.

I’m using wemos d1 mini and the stx882 & srx882 pair and can’t seem to get it fully working.

Let me explain a bit further, it is wired as per the guide, so stx882 is wired like:
vcc to 5v on wemos
gnd to gnd on wemos
data to RX on wemos
I’m not sure if the transmitter works, because I can/t get the receiver to work to read the codes which I would try sending.

The receiver is superheterodyne SRX882 because the guide said it is better and it is wired like this:
vcc to 5v on wemos
gnd to gnd on wemos
data to D2
cs is unplugged

I then modified the config_rf.h to set the receiver pin to 4 (D2) and emitter to 3 (RX) and uploaded the project to the wemos d1 board.
I than get it to connect to the mqtt server and it also reads the codes from a remote I have that is working on 315mhz.
But here is the deal, I have a doorbell that works on 433mhz and I can’t read the code it is transmitting.

Is it possible that the srx only recieves on 315mhz and how can I make it work on 433mhz also?

Regards, Jure

Usually receivers are designed for one frequency explaining why you are not receiving 433mhz signals with your srx882. If you want to receive both you have to buy a 433mhz one.

thanks for the reply and for help :slight_smile: This would sound logical to me, except I have ordered two and they were listed as 433mhz. I tested both and on both the same result they receive only 315mhz. The confusing thing is they recieve signal from the remote if I activate only the RF module on openmqttgateway or if I activate only the RF315 module. Both ways I recieve the same codes.

I have been googling for the solution and came by the datasheet
It says under features it supports both 433 and 315mhz frequencies.

I’m clearly in the dark here.

I appreciate any direction you can nudge me in :slight_smile:

Regards, Jure


Indeed the difference between 433 and 315 is not handled by the gateway, zgatewayrf315 can receive 433 and the other zgatewayrf can receive 315. Zgateway315 was just added when people wants to have a bifrequency gateway with 2 receivers and 2 emitters.

Not both frequencies on the same module, you have 433mhz model and 315mhz ones. But the base design is common. Sometimes it is written in the module itself.

thank you for your explanation. I’m pretty much self taught and clearly missing some basics… So again thanks for explaining it to me. Every peace of knowledge is valuable.

Regards, Jure

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Now the Gateway with the wemos d1 works ? can you give me a quick tip how i can make it ?

I just followed the Wiki instructions (D1 mini in my case)