SwitchBot Blind Tilt BLE integration


Any chance to have the SwitchBot Blind Tilt venetian blind motor support to OMG. For what I understand it seems very much like the SwitchBot Curtain already there (https://github.com/theengs/decoder/blob/development/src/devices/SBCU_json.h).

The details I can find right now:


MQTT Explorer in HomeAssistant reports only this:

E95B41152AD4 = {“id”:“E9:5B:41:15:2A:D4”,“rssi”:-75}

Anything else I can do to help?


Hi @likis

Could you turn set Advertisement and Advanced Data to true. Then you should see the undecoded raw advertising data in MQTT Explorer, one of which you gave above in the nRF Connect Advertising screenshot.

If you then gives some samples of the different Blind Tilt settings states (all the way up, allk the way down, tilt one way, tilt the other way …) along with the corresponding data received we can see how it can be implemented into Theengs Decoder, i.e. OpenMQTTGAteway.

There seems to be some issue with incomplete advertising data though for the Blind Tilt, from what i can gather in the GitHub threads, and unfortunately there hasn’t been any release of the official Blind Tilt BLE API on the GitHub repo either yet.