WT32-ETH01 and CC1101 wirring

Hi all,

I’d like to change from my custom rpi RF solution to openmqttgateway. I’ve ordered an WT32-ET01 and a CC1101. But the wiring instruction for esp32 does not match.
Have anybody use an WT32 with CC1101?

Here the documentation of WT32:

Thank you in advance!


platform = ${com.esp32_platform}
board = esp32-gateway
;board = wt32-eth01
board_build.partitions = min_spiffs.csv
lib_deps =
build_flags =
  '-DvalueAsATopic=true'  ; MQTT topic includes model and device (rtl_433) or protocol and id (RF and PiLight)
  '-DDEFAULT_RECEIVER=2'  ; Default receiver to enable on startup
; *** RF Module Options ***
  '-DRF_CC1101="CC1101"'  ; CC1101 Transceiver Module
  '-DRF_MODULE_CS=2'      ; pin to be used as chip select
  '-DRF_MODULE_GDO0=4'   ; CC1101 pin GDO0
  '-DRF_MODULE_GDO2=17'   ; CC1101 pin GDO2
  ;'-DRF_MODULE_INIT_STATUS=true'    ; Display transceiver config during startup
 ;SCK_PIN = 12; MISO_PIN =15 ; MOSI_PIN =14 ; SS_PIN = 2;

define in config_RF.h

     define RF_RECEIVER_GPIO 17
     define RF_EMITTER_GPIO 4
define in ELECHOUSE_CC1101_SRC_DRV.cpp
      #elif ESP32
  SCK_PIN = 12; MISO_PIN =15 ; MOSI_PIN =14 ; SS_PIN = 2;

enjoy it works…

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Hi Alexsys81!

Your Solution looks great. however, i do not have “ELECHOUSE_CC1101_SRC_DRV.cpp” in my project.
can you help me where i finde the proper place to chance the MISO/MOSI Pins.

Thanks in advance Christoph