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433Mhz DIGOO NEW DOOR & WINDOW Sensor versus Golden Security GS-WDS07 comparison

We have currently 2 competitives window & door sensors that sit on the top of autonomy measurement:

So as to make an advised choice here is a detailled comparison:

Characteristics GS-WDS07 NEW DIGOO
Range >25m ~13m
Autonomy ~2y >5y
Battery type AAA Lithium CR2450
Signal Open yes yes
Signal close yes yes
Signal tamper depend yes
Signal low battery yes yes(not verified)
Size compact normal
Signal led yes yes
Compatibility RF, Pilight RF

In synthesis the main criterias that differentiate both sensors are the autonomy and the range, in terms of range the GS-WDS07 is a lot more powerfull compared to the DIGOO. At the opposite it results in an impressive autonomy for the DIGOO.
Your choice will depend to the distance between your windows/doors and the gateway, if you live on a small flat for example you will not need the power of the GS-WDS07 and could take the DIGOO.
For a house or a big appartment I will advise the GS-WDS07.