DIGOO 433MHz New Door & Window Alarm Sensor

Here is some infos about an OMG compatible sensor the new digoo windows/door sensor.

It send 4 different signals:

  • Open
  • Close
  • Tampered
  • Return from tampered

It has an ON OFF switch and is delivered with the battery. Its form factor is quite compact compared to the previous tested door sensors

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Power consumption
When sending signal (open or close) 7mA during around 2s
Sleep current 4uA continuously (below my multimeter accuracy)

Duration estimation
CR2450 battery capacity is 620mAh
4 sending per day -> 4* 7/3600 = 0,00778mAh per day for sending
Sleep current per day ->0.010mA * 24 =0,240mAh per day for sleep
Total per day: 0,248mAh
1000/0,248=4032 days -> around 11 years
This calcul doesn’t take into account the battery discharge rate, but as it is a lithium one we can expect a best in class discharge. Making this door sensor a very durable one.

Close and open signal:

Tampering switch and repositioning it

Some pictures:
Power consumption when no action

Power consumption when action


We can see the tamper switch.

Reception package


Disassembled 2

Size comparison

In PCB Where can we solder an antenna for to increase the power transmtion?

Hello, what is the range you are getting currently ?

Hi, In open areas between 15 mts to 20 mts, My problem is a room where there is that to across two walls for that the signal to arrive to the sonoff Bridge. Today the signal does not detected for sonoff bridge. Other door sensor has antenna in Its PCB such as [GS-WDS07] but this sensor neither is detected for sonoff bridge in the same room. I have both sensors and neither is detected for sonoff bridge in this room.

When i relocate closer the sonoff bridge the signal the both sensor is detected without problem.
I am sorry for my bad english.

Thank you.


Is it possible to locate a 2nd rf bridge in this room ?

No problem, we are 2😉

I’m having the same range issue with rf switches. The gateway will miss about 1 in every 5 presses because a person was between the switch and the gateway (behind a wall). I tried soldering a 433mhz antenna to the transmitter with no improvements, which leads me to believe you’ll be better off improving the receiver antenna or its position, than improving the transmitter antenna. I’m no RF expert, so I might be talking nonsense, but that’s my experience at least. I got a heap of rf switches I can’t use because of that

With a similar door sensor and for the very same reason (intermittent loss of signal) I ended up installing a dedicated OMG RF gateway on each floor to improve reliability of my system.