DIGOO 433MHz New Door & Window Alarm Sensor


Here is some infos about an OMG compatible sensor the new digoo windows/door sensor.

It send 4 different signals:

  • Open
  • Close
  • Tampered
  • Return from tampered

It has an ON OFF switch and is delivered with the battery. Its form factor is quite compact compared to the previous tested door sensors

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Power consumption
When sending signal (open or close) 7mA during around 2s
Sleep current 4uA continuously (below my multimeter accuracy)

Duration estimation
CR2450 battery capacity is 620mAh
4 sending per day -> 4* 7/3600 = 0,00778mAh per day for sending
Sleep current per day ->0.010mA * 24 =0,240mAh per day for sleep
Total per day: 0,248mAh
1000/0,248=4032 days -> around 11 years
This calcul doesn’t take into account the battery discharge rate, but as it is a lithium one we can expect a best in class discharge. Making this door sensor a very durable one.

Close and open signal:

Tampering switch and repositioning it

Some pictures:
Power consumption when no action

Power consumption when action


We can see the tamper switch.

Reception package


Disassembled 2

Size comparison