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[Buy Advice] Digoo DG-HOSA Door Sensor

Hi Guys, i’m starting to learn just now.

This Digoo sensor is really cheap, does it integrates with OMG? I don’t know if its a older version of the rounded one.

Digoo DG HOSA hosa sem fio proteger janelas portas sensor para 433mhz sistema de alarme detector segurança em casa kits|sensor sensor|sensor for alarmsensor wireless - AliExpress

I want open/close codes to integrate it into Homebridge. Do you guys recommend other options for this setup?


Here are the 2 433mhz sensors that I recommend with their PROS/CONS

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Thank you, i’ll go with those.

BTW, researching on Aliexpress costumer replies it don’t seen to have open/close different codes.